Fantasy Football Is a Game for Everyone

May 18, 2020

Invented in a Manhattan hotel room by three friends back in 1962, fantasy football started as a private game, then as a game among the locals (spread only by word of mouths), and later as a game of all Americans through the internet. Currently, fantasy football is played by millions of Americans from all walks of life. Though over 80 percent of the fans are male, fantasy football is played even with people who have very little interest in football. The fact that you can be rewarded after the game makes playing it even more fun and attractive.

Fantasy football allows family members, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and even strangers to compete with each other with virtual teams. Each member has to draft his or her own based on real players in the NFL league. By the end of each NFL season, the player who gains most points in the fantasy squad wins. Ever since launched its first online version back in 1997, fantasy football has been a successful virtual version of real football and has gained millions of fans across the country.

The Game Creates Social Bonds

Fantasy sport is the only game whose experience, though virtual, can be shared with a ground of family members, friends, colleagues, and even strangers. This game offers the best way for people to stay in contact with each other. Recent research has indicated that fantasy football has connected many Americans irrespective of their geographical distances. As long as fans are playing the game, they have to be in constant communication, which leads to a very interactive experience and bonding.

Interestingly, by the end of the season, new friends are made, which in turn creates more friends in the next season and the one that follows. When it comes to social bonding, fantasy football has a rather strong domino effect. The ripple effect of friendship has been known to create comradeship at workplaces, hence boosting productivity at work. According to recent research, colleagues who are active participants in football fantasy communicate better, are excellent team players and are over 10 percent more engaged at work than the rest that either didn’t play or engaged with non-colleagues.

It Makes the Football Experience More Fun and Attractive

There is nothing that enhances the football experience in a better way than fantasy football. While fans of real football have no say when it comes to the roaster of their favorite team, fantasy football gives players the privilege of being “general managers.” As a fan, you don’t have to feel like you just a spectator incapable of changing the outcome of your favorite team. You can change your team’s squad and actively influence how the game will end. As a matter of fact, the fantasy football draft has been found to be the part that excites fans the most. As fans try to change the lineup and mold their team in the virtual world, they learn to see the real players from a broader perspective, recognize and appreciate their talent instead of just cheering up their favorite team and celebrating the scores. That said, it is proven that the nature of the fantasy football draft has elevated the interest of many players in the NFL.

Are you aware that the ability to manage a team and control the lineup to influence the outcome in fan’s favor has been linked to sharpening business and math skills? To come up with a perfect lineup, a player needs to go through a vast amount of stats and have the ability to speculate correctly. Such people have been observed to excel in math-related tasks. Likewise, the player’s skills to recognize talent and negotiate with fellow competitors become better with time. Such skill sets are very hardy in the real business world. As evidenced, fantasy football is a fantastic sport for everyone. It’s immersive, fun to play, and very interactive—and comes with an array of benefits.