The Guys STREAM LIVE and Finally Talk Health Issues Facing the 2020 Season. They also dive deep into the NFC West’s Dominating Fantasy Talent • Episode 0113

On the Lucky 13th episode of the Freaks n Peaks Fantasy Football Podcast, the guys love what they see for talent in the NFC West and they finally breakdown their views and answers for everyone’s questions about the ongoing worldwide pandemic and how it’s affecting the upcoming season. The guys also decided to LIVE STREAM their 13th episode on YouTube. Here’s the entire first Live Stream of the Freaks n Peaks Fantasy Football Podcast via StreamLabs, and their amazing software.

Of course, it would not be the Freaks n Peaks if there were not audio issues and the entire live stream required some post-production love to get the audio even working.  

Check out the FULL LIVE STREAM here on YouTube.